Hawe Aandrijvingen

As a stock-keeping trading company, Hawe Aandrijvingen has been meeting an important need, for more than 30 years. The close collaboration with Verbaan Tandwielen- en Machinefabriek of course makes an essential contribution to our service provision. The customer-specific products we supply are purchased from Verbaan Tandwielen and other suppliers in the Netherlands and abroad. We also offer a unique range of standard products that we can supply directly from stock.

We have these products fabricated abroad, all entirely according to our customers’ specifications. We always ensure that we maintain a large stock of drive components for our clients. As a result, we are also able to arrive at favourable, set price agreements that we can fix for long periods of time. Our delivery times are also extremely short thus guaranteeing continuity within your business. Because our aim is to always guarantee quality, we are ISO 9001 certified.

Have a look at the specifications of the products Verbaan & Hawe Aandrijvingen can supply you with