Gearwheels and Sprockets specialists since 1952

A brief history

Based on almost 60 years of experience, we at Verbaan are justified in saying that we have a thorough knowledge of our business. Verbaan Tandwielen- en Machinefabriek was established in 1952, in the Dutch town of Doorn. We started with the production of sprocket wheels for the bicycle industry. Our range was subsequently expanded to include gearwheels and sprocket wheels for heavy industrial applications

Current situation

Today we are based in Gorinchem, in the centre of the Netherlands. We have specialised in fabricating increasingly high-end products. Our production primarily involves non-standard gearwheels and sprocket wheels according to customer specifications. In other words, tailor-made orders. We also produce small series and urgent orders, on our own premises.

Foreign contacts

We often import standard gearwheels and sprocket wheels from abroad. Delivery times permitting, we also import non-standard products. As a result, our prices are very competitive. It goes without saying that all imported products comply with our own very high quality standards. Each imported product undergoes our own quality controls. As a result, we are always able to guarantee the quality of the purchased products.

ISO 9001 Certified 

We operate a high-quality range of equipment and machines that enables us to fabricate products of superb quality. All our employees are real gearing specialists, who stand out for their thorough craftsmanship. Because our aim is to always guarantee quality, we are ISO 9001 certified.