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We operate a range of high-quality machines that enable us to deliver top-quality sprockets and gearwheels. We are constantly investing in our machinery to improve and upgrade our services. Because we specialise in non-standard gearing, we also have a large number of unique toothing machines and tools.

As well as conventional grinding, for small series, we can offer the more flexible hobbing method. For large series of tooth grinding work, we operate a Reishauer machine (diameter 700, max. modulus 8)

Another important machine is our ultramodern 3D measuring machine. This machine enables us to supply a measuring protocol with even the most complicated gearwheels, providing yet another guarantee for product quality.



Our own production of module gears according to norm and your specifications.


Chain sprockets

We produce chain sprockets according to DIN- and ASA-standard as per your specifications. Simplex, duplex, triplex and double.


Drive chains

Supplier of several types of drive chains, roller chains, double pitch chains, conveyor chains, flyer chain, side-bow chains and hollow pitch chain.


Gear racks

Our own production of gear racks, standard and as per your specifications.


Gear cutting and grinding

You supply the semi-finished product and we produce the correct gear module as per your specifications.


Spline connections

Shaft and hub connection with module spline can be produced at our facility.


Worm- and worm wheels

Our production produces worm- and worm wheels according to your requirements. In small or large quantities.



A keyway in a semi-finished product supplied by you, we are able to do it.



Een naaf naar uw specificaties, wij draaien tot een diameter van Ø1.000 mm.

Sawing up to 450 mm    •    CON turning up to diameter 700 mm    •    CNC turning up to diameter 700 * 500 mm long *    •    CNC milling table dimensions 800 * 1700    •    Gearwheel milling from modulus 0.5 to 18 tip circle max. 1800 mm   •    Gearwheel cutting from modulus 0.5 to 7 tip circle max. 1000 mm   •    Gearwheel grinding from modulus 2.5 to 12 tip circle max. 650 mm with measuring protocol   •    Spline cutting  from modulus 2 to 5    •    Worms and worm gears on request    •    Keyway cutting 50 mm wide and up to 500 mm long    •    Gear racks from modulus 1 to 10

We import standard gear and sprockets from abroad. If the delivery time permits us, we also import non-standard products. This means that our pricing is very competitive. Obviously all imported products always meet our own very high standards. Each imported product is subjected to our quality control. Because of this, we always guarantee the quality of purchased products.